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Ask questions, offer tips, and learn about how other teachers are adapting the course for their local context. Some of the discussion topics include:

  • Science Notebooks - What type should I use? Should I keep them in my classroom? What if a student loses theirs?

  • Class discussions - How do you get all students to talk and listen to each other? 

  • Chart management - How do you manage all that chart paper?

  • Attendance - How do I catch up a student who missed the last two weeks

  • Assessment - What if students don’t finish in the class period? How do you grade the assessment?

  • Pacing - What can I trim?

Bonus Materials from BSCS

A growing collection of BSCS-developed resources, including articles, webinars, samples of student work, and classroom video.

Teacher Sharing Library

See teacher-developed resources and share your own. Shared resources include modified Student Sheets, extension activities, lab investigations, student work from Culminating Tasks, and more!

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We are committed to finding a balance between protecting privacy and providing a place where teachers can interact freely. We require users to provide verifiable evidence that they are high school biology teachers before they can access the site. At the same time, we allow registered users to participate on the site using a username that shields their identity if they wish. Learn more about our content and privacy policies here.

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