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BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life is our newest high school program that directly addresses societal challenges we can no longer ignore, while allowing students to investigate compelling and relevant phenomena. Designed to prepare students for life in our complex, interconnected world, the program introduces BSCS’s new Anchored Inquiry Learning Instructional model which supports teachers in meeting the Framework and NGSS. The program also integrates supports for English language learners and students with below-grade-level literacy skills.

This online community brings teachers together to share ideas, engage in conversation, and discover new resources while finding like-minded educators. This website allows you to communicate with the curriculum developers and professional development providers at BSCS. We monitor and actively contribute to this site in response to your comments here and in professional development programs. 


Ask questions, offer tips, and learn about how other teachers are adapting the course for their local context.

A growing collection of BSCS-developed resources for you, including videos, examples of student work, and more.

See supplementary resources that other teachers have created and share your own creations.

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We are committed to finding a balance between protecting privacy and providing a place where teachers can interact freely. We require users to provide verifiable evidence that they are high school biology teachers before they can access the site. At the same time, we allow registered users to participate on the site using a username that shields their identity if they wish. Learn more about our content and privacy policies.

About BSCS Science Learning

BSCS Science Learning (BSCS) is a nonprofit research and development organization that has been setting the standard for science learning for more than 60 years. BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life is available for district and school adoption by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

About BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life

Our new program, BSCS Biology: Understanding for Life, is designed to prepare high students for life in our complex, interconnected world.

BSCS Science Learning’s New High School Biology Program Earns “All-Green” Ratings from EdReports

We highly recommend setting high school teachers up for optimal success with professional learning. BSCS’s robust professional learning program will prepare teachers to smoothly transition to BSCS Biology and maximize their impact in the classroom. 

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